IT Consulting

for Startups and Enterprise customers

We will help you automate and digitalise operations, optimise software development cycle, and implement the latest technologies.

DevOps practices

for development teams

Accelerate your journey to automated operations for continuous delivery, ongoing innovation, enhanced security and reduced deployment risk.

Migration into Cloud

of current IT infrastructure

We will help with process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.

Servers Management

any level of difficulty

Implementing and maintaining an IT infrastructure for your company takes a lot of time

Security Architecture

for software and infrastructure

Consultation and preparation to well-known certifications PCI DSS, PA DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.

Penetration Testing

of software and infrastructure

Penetration testing experts will conduct an independent assessment of your critical applications and infrastructure.

Emergency IT support

Quite often one little bump in the road can

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Remote office support

Whenever your employees will be at a loss with

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Absolutely any type of a business is tied

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Office systems

This service offers industry-standard

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Cloud configuration

Eventually, any business will need its data to

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Niche-specific HW/SF

We’ve worked with multiple kinds of

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it services

Build and deliver better software faster
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Whenever your employees will be at a loss with any tech issue, do not hesitate to request one of our support engineers for help!
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Absolutely any type of a business is tied down at large to the Internet or a local computer network... We can fix both!
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This service office industry-standard, universal solutions to get your office's IT devices and networks going and working!
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About us

X Security is committed to providing customers with the most leading-edge technology, services and solutions to meet or exceed their requirements that distinguishes X Security from its competitors.

X Security has a firm commitment on developing solid partner relationships with technology industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, etc, in order to provide customers with the most sophisticated IT business solutions, as well as multiple levels of computer IT support.

Founded in 2004, X Security committed to its core principles: delivering a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the marketplace.

Our clients